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BrainWorx, run in partnership with Laurier's Department of Psychology is a two-week-long day camp that takes place at Laurier where children participate in fun and informational themed activities each day to learn about the brain and body. Children are also invited to participate in a variety of research studies during their week at camp. This year, BrainWorx campers will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of experiments, crafts and games related to a specific theme (senses, reflexes/reactions, brain protection, memory and the importance of water) in addition to going rock climbing and swimming.

Brainworx 2019

Thank you to everyone who participated in Brainworx 2019! This year was extremely successful as we learned about the brain and body with additional sessions in mindfulness! Our lab members/camp counsellors had an incredible two weeks with this years group and we look forward to seeing you back next year! Check out some photos below!

Brainworx 2018

Thank you to everyone who participated in BrainWorx 2018! We had an amazing week learning about the brain and body with an outgoing and intelligent group of children! Check out some of the photos below from our amazing week!


Staff from Laurier's Psychology Department will be running BrainWorx this year. These people are highly trained, qualified individuals who have all had experience working with children.

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