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What Are the Studies Like?

Our studies usually involve between one to three sessions. The first session is usually an interactive session of educational material or a fun event, with an interview about that event several days later. Children enjoy the sessions, and receive a prize and a certificate upon completing them. These sessions usually last between 10 and 30 minutes each, depending on the study. Exact details of the study would be given prior to participating.

What Does Participation Involve?

Participation usually involves visiting the lab or Daycare Research Centre (both in Waterloo) or joining a Zoom meeting for several brief visits (usually spaced a few days apart).

As a parent, you can watch the sessions and interviews through a two-way mirror, or attend the Zoom meeting with your child. If the study is being conducted at your child's daycare or school, you need to only fill in the consent form sent home with your child, and the study will be conducted on-site at your child's school.

How Does My Child Participate in a Study?

You can find out more information by doing one of the following:

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