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The national dish is a type of black bean stew!

There are many ways to make it but usually its beans and some type of meat!

Brazilian BBQ is another national dish that has become popular around the world!

One type of BBQ is called picanha and its eaten with rice and beans!

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Photo Credit:

“Feijoada: Brazilian Black Bean & Meat Stew” by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA-NC

“Brasilian Churrasco” by Afrank99 is licensed under CC BY-SA-2.5

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The biggest festival is Carnival!

They hold a big parade with amazing floats as part of a competition.

This festival can last for up to a week and takes place in Rio de Janeiro!

Festivals make up a huge portion of Brazilian culture!

They have music, dance, food, and often traditional costumes!

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Look at some of these amazing floats!

Each group has their own float with a theme that changes every year! 

Every float has music and dancers!

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“5th Float: A Giganted De Galapgos E Os Vestigios de Um Grane Imperio” by Ian Gampon is licensed under CC BY-2.0

“Desfile de carnaval na Sapucaí no Carnaval de 201” by Raphael David/Agência Brasil licensed under CC BY-SA

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