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Brazilian culture is made up of many influences from South America, Africa, and parts of Europe!

The largest influence comes from Portugal!

This is where most of their language, customs and their main religion comes from!

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Photo Credit:

"Portuguese Flag-Map” by Aivazovsky is licensed under CC BY-SA

“Map of Brasil with flag inside it” by Pumbaa80, Kelson, Oalexander, Marcos elias de Oliveira Junior and Giro720 is licensed under CC BY-SA

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The official language is known as Portuguese or Brazilian Portuguese!

But, there are over 160 languages spoken in Brazil!

Some other languages that are spoken in Brazil are, German, Italian, African, and Spanish!

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Brazil is recognized for their SAMBA!

Not only is it a type of music but its also a special type of dance!

Brazil also has a special drumming music that is played during most of their festivals! Its called BATUCADA!

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Photo Credit:

Mouse, 2018

"Group Tribal Percussions” by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

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