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Representative Research

Below are a few of our more recent published papers from our lab. These include papers by our Lab Director: Dr. Kim Roberts, as well as papers published by past and present students!

To access the papers, click the links below or paste the full reference into a search engine. 


Roberts, K. P., Evans, A. D., & Duncanson, S. (2016). Binding an event to its source at encoding improves children’s source monitoring. Developmental Psychology, 52(12), 2191.


Brubacher, S. P., Earhart, B., Roberts, K. P., & Powell, M. B. (2018). Effects of label training and recall order on children's reports of a repeated event. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 32(5), 600-609.


Butterfield, K. M., Roberts, K. P., Feltis, L. E., & Kocovski, N. L. (2020). What is the evidence in evidence-based mindfulness programs for children?. Advances in child development and behavior, 58, 189-213.


Earhart, B., Lakhani, N., & Roberts, K. P. (2021). Developmental trends in children’s source and destination memory. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 202, 104995.


Roberts, K. P., Wood, K. R., & Wylie, B. E. (2021). Children’s ability to edit their memories when learning about the environment from credible and noncredible websites. Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications, 6(1), 42.


Butterfield, K. M., & Roberts, K. P. (2022). Correction to: The Role of Executive Function in Children’s Mindfulness Experience. Mindfulness, 13(4), 1083-1083.

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